Hello I have dark green water in my pool here is a list of things I have tried to clear up the dark green water. I have used 1gl. of shocker, chlorine tablets, 1gl. of Aquamate Algaecide, 1gl. of Clarifer and nothing has cleared up the water. I have a Intex Filter Cartridge and yes clean it two or three times a day.
What I would like to know is if I got some HTH Green to Blue Shock and put it in my pool would it clear up the green and can I used it with a filter cartridge or do you have some other Idea on how to clear up the dark green water? Please Help as soon as posible it is drive me craze….


The green to blue may help. Also, is the pool just dark green or dark green and cloudy? If it is just dark green, but clear you may want to add a metal removing agent to see if that helps clear up the dark green coloration. Certain metals can turn the water a dark green color.