Does the pool need to be treated differently if it’s shared with ducks? We can’t seem to keep them away and the fecal matter is a constant problem both inside the pool and outside. This is a frequently used pool by children and want to be sure we are doing everything we can to keep it safe.


The best case scenario is to get the ducks out of the pool. They can introduce germs and microorganisms that can prevent proper chlorination and potentially make the swimmers ill. There are several solutions that can work. There are even repelents that are designed to keep ducks away. There are solutions available online. However, there are easier solutions as well. Floating bright colored toys, feeders, etc. are known to keep ducks away. Ducks also do not like bright shiny items. You can wrap some small items in foil wrap (shiny side out) and place around the pool. I have heard bricks work well for this. Even strategically placed sun catchers could do the trick.