Could I use bulk chlorine tablets in place of a Frog systems Bac-Pac containing chlorine tablets? The manufacture obviously does not recommend this and the basic active ingredients are 99% Trichloro-s-Triazinetrone. I seen a large bucket of bulk chlorine tablets at Samâ??s club earlier this year and plan to compare ingredients. The Bac-Packs (chlorine tablets/ Frog holding container) are almost $20 each and I go through one a week! The bulk chlorine tablets would save me a lot of money and my last one I installed came apart… so I had to re-pack the tablets anyway. Thank you in advance for you honest answer.


Yes, bulk chlorine tablets may be used. However, be aware that the way the bac-pac systems are packaged and dosed, they are spcifically dosing the appropriate amounts for use with the Frog system. Therefore, it will take a little more careful monitoring on your part to maintain the appropriate levels.