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Fall 2003
Headlines: Delivering Drops of Life: Restoring Water and Sanitation Services in Iraq Emerging Diseases: West Nile Virus WHO and CDC Recommend Infection Control Procedures for Hospitals Treating Patients with SARS Washington Update Special
Spring 2003
Headlines: Smallpox: A Threatening Epidemic, New International Partnership Announced at 3rd World Water Forum To Promote Safe Household Water Treatment and Storage, Field Evaluation of Emergency Well Disinfection for Contamination Events, U.S. Waterborne Disease Statistics 1991-2000, and Washington Update Special
Winter 2003
Headlines: Contaminated Meat Cause for Concern Among Regulators and Consumers, Mold Sparks Fear in Homeowners; Experts Uncertain about Serious Dangers, Hospital-Acquired Infections a Menacing Trend in Health Care Settings, and Washington Update Special
Summer 2002
Headlines: When Even Bare Essentials Are In Short Supply - The Challenge of Rebuilding Afghanistan's Water Infrastructure, Chlorine Dioxide and Bleach Play a Major Role in Anthrax Remediation of the Hart Senate Office Building, America's Thirst for Water: An Examination of Bottled vs. Tap Drinking Water, Public Health Conference Calendar, Research Finds Chlorine Remains Disinfectant of Choice for Water Treatment Professionals, Despite Pressures, Washington Update, Yesterday and Today: The Changing Face of Public Health Priorities
Winter 2002
Headlines: U.S. Water Systems Respond to Bioterrorism, Summer Floods Again Spotlight Need for Effective Water Treatment, Pockets of Anti-Fluoridation Sentiments Persist Despite Widespread Public Health Acceptance and Promotion, Food Irradiation Becoming Increasingly Applied Practice, Debate on Medical Equipment Reuse Continues
Summer 2001
Headlines: Ultraviolet Radiation Yields Promising Results,
FDA Study Finds Foodborne Illness Risk Factors Not Properly Being Addressed, Commercial Disinfectants Demonstrate Significantly Greater Efficacy than Natural Alternatives, The Use of Chlorine-based Sanitizers in Food Processing Facilities, Chloramines Seen as an Attractive Option for Meeting Disinfection Byproduct Requirements, and Washington Update Special.

Summer 2000
Headlines: Deadly E. coli Outbreak in Canada, Communicating with the Public, The Invisible Dangers of Floodwaters, Y2K? No Problem, Prominent Cases of Waterborne E.coli Infection, Upcoming Conferences, and Washington Update Special.

Winter 1999
Headlines: Communicating with Customers about Quality, Utilities Gear Up for Risk Management Program Rule, Hurricane Mitch Devastates Latin America, Washington Update, CCR Information from EPA's Office of Ground Water & Drinking Water, and Chlorine Industry Responds to Crisis Following Hurricane Mitch.
Drinking Water and Health - Summer 1998 Summer 1998
Headlines: Environmental Impact of El Niño: The Relationship Between Climate Variability, Water & Public Health, Research Report: California Department of Health Services Drinking Water Study Assesses Pregnancy Outcomes, European Water Disinfection Practices Parallel U.S. Treatment Methods, and Water Relief Network® Responds to Relief Requests in Latin America and The United States.
Drinking Water and Health - February 1998 February 1998
Headlines: Disinfection Is Key to Flood Recovery, Dr. Semmelweiss Was Right: Washing Hands Prevents Infection, Groundwater and Wastewater Disinfection, and Public Health Protection and Vinyl Pipe.
Drinking Water and Health - Winter 1997 Winter 1997
Headlines: A Global Decline in Microbiological Safety of Water, Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey - EPA Report to Congress, Chloroform: Research Findings Support Risk Reassessment, Water Relief Network Helps Cuban Hurricane Recovery Effort, and Jump In, the Water's Clean.
Fall 1996
Headlines: Biofilm in Water, Public Disclosure and Risk Communication, and Global Cholera Epidemiology.
Drinking Water and Health - July 1996 July 1996
Headlines: Waterborne Rotavirus And Coxsackievirus: A Risk Assessment Approach, Natural Disasters - Scenarios For Protecting Public Health, and Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council Launches Internet Web Site.
Drinking Water and Health - January 1996 January 1996
Headlines: People Without Water: Conditions in Las Colonias, Well Water Safety, Addressing Water Utility Infrastructure Needs, and Chlorine Industry To Support Disaster Relief Efforts.
Drinking Water and Health - October 1995 October 1995
Headlines: Providing Safe Drinking Water: Risk Reduction Through Operational Flexibility, Cryptosporidium Update, Developing Countries Update, and Microbial Contamination: A New Look at an Old Problem.
Drinking Water and Health - March 1995 March 1995
Headlines: Cryptosporidium And Public Health, Cryptosporidium Q&A, New Research on Chlorine and Cryptosporidium, New Congress = New Approaches, and The Future of Water.
Drinking Water and Health - October 1994 October 1994
Headlines: Choosing a Home Water Treatment Device, Protecting Groundwater Resources - A Critical Step in Ensuring Safe Drinking Water, EPA Proposes Two New Drinking Water Rules, Safe Drinking Water Act Reauthorization Runs Out of Time, and Disinfection By-Product Analyses.
Drinking Water and Health - March 1994 March 1994
Headlines: Chlorine, Containers and Cholera Prevention: A Life-Saving Strategy For Latin America, The Information Collection Rule: Challenges and Opportunities for Public Health Agencies, Congress Begins Reauthorization of Nation's Two Major Water Quality Acts, Issues Surrounding the Regulation of Radon in Drinking Water, and Note from the Chairman.
Drinking Water and Health - October 1993 October 1993
Headlines: Bottled Water and Home Filters: Consumer Issues At a Glance, Economic Impact of New Disinfectant/Disinfection By-Product Rule to Be Unevenly Distributed Among U.S. Households, Reg-Neg Committee Reaches Consensus on Disinfectant/Disinfection By-Product Rule, Water Industry Braces to Face Arsenic Juggernaut, Protection from Lead Contamination Requires a Cooperative Effort, and 1993 Floods and Public Health Protection.
Drinking Water and Health - June 1993 June 1993
Headlines: Risk and Risk Perceptions, The Drinking Water Blues, "Reg-Neg" Rules Would Have Major Impact on Water Treatment Facilities, What Are Disinfection By-Products?, Treatment Techniques For Minimizing Disinfection By-Product Formation, and Cholera Update.
Drinking Water and Health - March 1993 March 1993
Headlines: Safe Water for a Thirsty Population, Survey Results Highlight Concerns, EPA Advisory Committee Negotiates Drinking Water Rule, New Federal Bottled Water Regulations, and The Re-emergence of Cholera As An International Public Health Crisis.


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