Honoring our Fallen Colleague through “Angels of America’s Fallen”

This summer, we are happy to report that the organization we advise, the American Chemistry Council, has contributed $5,000 in our name to the “Angels of America’s Fallen” program. “Angels” engages with the children of our country’s fallen military and first responders, offering coaching and instruction in sports, music, arts, and other healthy activities. These programs cannot replace fallen mothers and fathers, but they do provide opportunities for children to cultivate interests in areas to which they might not otherwise be exposed.

Jerod poses with fellow first-responders in 2011

Our donation to “Angels” will be channeled by the National Swimming Pool Foundation to local Jewish Community Centers that will provide learn-to-swim scholarships to the children of fallen heroes. We are particularly pleased that the 2017 donation was made in honor of our dear, late colleague, Dr. Jerod Loeb.

Remembering Jerod

Our close-knit advisory group has not forgotten our friend, Jerod, who passed away on October 9, 2013, after battling cancer. Jerod was Executive Vice President of Healthcare Quality Evaluation at The Joint Commission in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. At The Joint Commission, he was a leader in accreditation and certification programs and involved in a variety of initiatives associated with performance measurement and patient safety, including those of the National Quality Forum, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the International Society for Quality in Health Care, and the World Health Organization.

Jerod was also a community first responder who volunteered with the Buffalo Grove, Illinois Fire and Police Departments for about 15 years. He was a graduate of the Buffalo Grove Citizen’s Fire Academy and was a fully trained member of the Buffalo Grove Community Emergency Response Team. In 2005, Jerod was appointed Commissioner of Fire and Police for the municipality of Buffalo Grove. Jerod’s volunteerism and professional efforts to promote a safer, healthier world continue to inspire us. Knowing Jerod as we did, we are certain that he would be pleased that some very special children will learn to swim this summer, and that they will be safer in and around water for the rest of their lives. This is just one small way in which Jerod’s work continues.

To contribute to Angels of America’s Fallen, please visit their website at https://aoafallen.org/.

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