Saluting Our Fallen Heroes with Swimming Lessons for Children

Swimming is a skill that can provide endless enjoyment, help keep you fit, and even save your life.  As a group of public health and safety professionals, we have been strong proponents of healthy swimming for nearly 25 years.  We believe all children should learn to swim, and that is why we are so impressed with the Angels of America’s Fallen project (AoAF), brought to our attention by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Jarod M. Leob

The non-profit AoAF project helps provide “wish list” activities, like swimming lessons, to the children of fallen soldiers and first responders.  The project recognizes and strives to fill the gap in the lives of children of fallen heroes.  We are especially proud that a donation will be made to AoAF by the American Chemistry Council’s Chlorine Chemistry Division in our honor as a tribute to one of our own fallen, Jerod M. Loeb, PhD.

Jerod was an active member of the Water Quality & Health Council for over 20 years, and a treasured friend.  His life was not stopped short by an enemy bullet on the battlefield or in trying to save a life, but by cancer on October 9, 2013.  Jerod was a tireless soldier for public health and safety.  In his professional capacity at The Joint Commission, he worked to improve hospital performance and patient safety.  This role took on new meaning as Jerod transitioned from health care administrator to health care recipient during his final illness.  Jerod was also a volunteer first responder.  A graduate of the Buffalo Grove Citizen’s Fire Academy, he was a fully trained member of the Buffalo Grove Community Emergency Response Team.  In 2005, Jerod was appointed Commissioner of Fire and Police for the municipality of Buffalo Grove.

We miss our friend terribly, both professionally and personally.  We respectfully place Jerod in the ranks of America’s fallen heroes, and honor his memory with the very real tribute of children of other fallen heroes becoming proficient swimmers.

Angels of America’s Fallen is a 501(c)(3) public charity headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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