Dr. Ralph’s Flu Preparedness Closet

What will you need to stay healthy and secure during a pandemic flu outbreak?

Fact: A well-stocked space in your home could make all the difference.

Individuals and families should prepare for potential pandemic flu-related isolation from their communities for an extended period of time. Dr. Ralph’s Flu Preparedness Closet is a helpful checklist of what you need to have on hand.

  • Food and bottled water

Ideally, a 6-8 week supply stored in the home.

  • Portable power sources

An ample supply of energy resources (batteries, propane, etc.) to heat, light and operate necessary

home functions, including your home computer.

  • Household products and sanitary items

Paper products (Kleenex, toilet paper, paper towels), plastic products (garbage bags, re-sealable

bags), cleaning supplies, non-water hand sanitizer, personal hygiene products, etc.

  • Prescription drugs

Vital for diabetics, heart, lung and other chronic conditions that require daily medication.

  • Over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies

For the treatment of fever, fl u, colds, etc. including a fully stocked fi rst aid kit for the treatment of

minor injuries and illnesses.

  • A supply of household chlorine bleach

For use as an emergency water purifi er and to sanitize surfaces.

  • Communications equipment

A battery-operated radio and several fully charged cell phones to maintain an open information

channel with family, friends, local authorities and community information sources.

  • Home computer system/Internet services

To provide access to local, national and global news, health-related information and pandemic related news updates. Also vital to allow some individuals to continue participation at their

place of employment or school.

  • Pet supplies

Food, medication and sanitation supplies for family pets.

  • Neighborhood service directory

A directory of medical, emergency and community services and their locations.

  • Money

Without access to ATMs and banking services, cash on-hand could be necessary to replenish supplies and purchase necessary services.