The Black Friday Shoppers’ Health and Safety Survival Guide

Determined to brave the traffic, crowds and general madness of Black Friday, many shoppers strike out to take advantage of deep discounts on holiday goods. We offer tips to help ensure shoppers return home from these shopping adventures safely and in good health.

Safety First

  • As exciting as it is to get to the sales early, don’t compromise safety when driving or walking to the shops. Obey traffic and pedestrian rules—arrive alive and unharmed. Exercise extra caution driving and walking in packed parking lots.
  • Reduce your chances of being caught and injured in a stampede at “door buster” sales. It’s better to hang back or off to the side than to risk injury in a rushing crowd.

Be a Healthy Shopper

  • Be mindful that frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and electronic key pads are drop off and pick-up points for germs. Keep your hands away from your face while shopping, and make frequent use of portable hand sanitizer.
  • Use your knuckle instead of the pad of your finger to depress elevator keys or automatic door openers.
  • Using a public restroom? Use a clean tissue or paper towel to act as a barrier between you and the restroom door handle as you enter and exit. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the restroom.
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or into the crook of your elbow to prevent germs spreading to your fellow shoppers.
  • Did you remember to get a flu shot? The flu vaccine is recommended for all people over the age of six months, with rare exception. It’s not too late to get one now, but next year remember, “Vaccine by Halloween” for the timeliest protection against the seasonal flu. See your doctor if you have questions about the flu vaccine.
  • Stay home on Black Friday if you are sick. Considering how many people you could potentially infect in mobbed shopping centers, online bargain shopping just might be the kinder, gentler option when you are under the weather. And remember: Cyber Monday is only three days after Black Friday.
  • Recognizing that some of the best sales begin very early in the day, consider putting your egg nog down on Thanksgiving night and getting a good night’s sleep.

Happy Bargain Hunting!

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