TTHM in Drinking Water: The Flint, Michigan Story, A Lesson for Us All

The citizens of Flint, Michigan used to take the high quality of their drinking water for granted, expecting, like most of us, to access safe, wholesome water at the tap.  Lately, however, they are worried about the quality of their water and they have many questions for municipal officials. Flint residents are outraged over reports

Drinking Water and Chlorine Smell

How would you describe the taste and odor of your tap water? “A rich bouquet earthy flavors“? “Sulfurous aroma with a hint of chlorine”? Or “simply divine”? The aesthetic properties of your tap water depend upon your local natural water supply source, how your water is treated, and how it is delivered to you.  

Earth: The Water Planet

This holiday season we wish you joy and time for peaceful reflection. Please enjoy Earth:  The Water Planet, a stunning video by James McMath. A Video Treasure Shared by the Water Quality & Health Council

Will you Have Enough Safe Water for Personal Hygiene in Case of an Emergency?

Nothing beats the comfort of a hot bath or shower after you’ve been drenched by rain or pelted by snow and ice. But when a weather or natural disaster emergency prevents your access to safe running water, life as you know it can change in an instant.  If your source of water is a private

Drinking Water Safety and the Alaska Native People

Today almost all Alaska Native villages have treated drinking water supplies available for the residents by means of piped distribution systems and/or watering points from which the treated water can be hauled to the homes not connected to the distribution systems.  Many of these facilities were installed by the U.S. Public Health Service between 1960

Wisconsin “Healthography” Study Yields Surprising Insight into Childhood Gastrointestinal Illness

“Healthography:  How Where You Live Determines Your Health and Well-being” was the theme of last week’s American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in New Orleans.  “Healthography” is a new term for many, but its meaning can be demonstrated by an emerging drinking water issue in Wisconsin:  Children who live in areas that do not treat

How to Read and Interpret Your Water Utility’s Drinking Water Quality Report (The Consumer Confidence Report)

Do you know where your drinking water comes from? A river? Lake? Aquifer? Are there contaminants in your drinking water?  What are their levels, and should you be concerned? Under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, all US residents served year-round by a municipal water utility are entitled to information on the quality of their

Maintaining Home Plumbing

It is easy to forget about home water plumbing until a problem arises. The following tips can help you avoid a plumbing emergency: 1. Schedule annual maintenance: A yearly home plumbing inspection can help keep your home plumbing in tip-top shape. Nevertheless, in most homes and apartments, very few water pipes are exposed. Pipes are

Our Very Existence Depends Upon Ground Water: What Consumers Can Do to Help Protect It

This week, March 9-15, is National Groundwater Awareness Week, a good time to appreciate the amazing resource beneath our feet. Thanks to rain, snow and the force of gravity, our Earth accumulates groundwater, a precious underground resource that helps satisfy our requirements for fresh water.  Groundwater originates from rain and melted snow, which trickle down

Staying Hydrated All Year Long

Humans are water-based life forms, and as such we require H2O to function. Most North Americans benefit from an abundance of safe drinking water to keep our bodies hydrated.  We normally associate the risk of dehydration with hot weather, but a recent article from CNN Health highlights the fact that it is just as easy