Teach Your Children Well: Shower before Swimming

You are heading off to your community pool. The mental check list goes… Sunscreen?  Yes. Bathing suit?  Of course. Shower?  Probably not. Although the “shower before you swim” rule is consistently posted at community pools, a new University of Michigan report shows parents of young children do not appreciate the role showering plays in keeping

Three Swimming Pool Lies I Grew Up With

I grew up believing some pool-related myths that I realize rather belatedly were my parents’ bizarre, yet caring way to keep me from drowning or getting injured during unsupervised swims.  A few childhood pool story-swapping moments with friends revealed other gems that were also considered truths at the time. I’ve decided to compile the top three ones I believe are worth correcting even if some of them seem downright funny.

CDC’s Healthy Swimming Video Contest: Promote Healthy Swimming & Be Eligible to Win $1,000!

This year, to help prevent the spread of germs in swimming pools, hot tubs, interactive fountains, lakes, or oceans, the CDC’s Healthy Swimming Program is asking the public to help them educate swimmers by making a short, creative video describing the simple steps everyone can take to ensure healthy swimming experiences.

This Summer: Dip before You Dive to Help Avoid Recreational Water Illnesses

It’s nearing the end of May, which means: it’s time to get back into the water!  Yes, pool season unofficially starts Memorial Day weekend and there is nothing more fun than spending a day at the pool. But before diving in, it may be a good idea to know just what you are diving into. 

The DBP “Tango” and Swimmer Hygiene Awareness

Swimming is appreciated the world over as a healthful, fun-filled activity.  That was a solid point of agreement among international swimming pool experts who gathered in Portugal last month for the Fourth International Conference on Swimming Pools and Spas.  The researchers also agreed on another point:  Swimmer hygiene education is badly needed to reduce pool

Summer 2010 Healthy Pools Campaign Wrap-up

During the 2010 Healthy Pools Campaign, more than 43,000 pool test kits were distributed to people who requested them from the Water Quality & Health Council Healthy Pools website.  Over the course of the summer, 747 participants from across the nation monitored and uploaded their pool chemistry data – pH and chlorine levels – to

Downloadable Coloring Book

The Chlorin8tor and Little Hector the Disinfector battle the viruses that cause flu. The Disinfecting Duo teach kids the “sneaky way” that viruses spread and how they can use that knowledge to avoid flu. Water Germs Busted By Chlorine!

Why you should always swim in a healthy pool

As a lifelong swimmer, and professional Triathlete, swimming is in my blood. It strengthens my discipline and keeps my body in tip-top shape, and it’s also downright enjoyable. Life can be a constant blur of training, traveling, racing and coffee (my weakness), but swimming is my one constant.

Why a Healthy Pool is Important to me

Ok, this could get gross, but stick with me! As a new Mom I am constantly bombarded with “do this”, “do that”, “use this product”, “buy this toy” sales pitches to the point that I’m starting to wonder which end of the baby is up. And I have to admit, here and there I sometimes fall victim to the sexy ads, alarming wording and overall “must have” nature that surrounds parenthood.

Swimming Pool Myths Worth Correcting

Whether it’s for swimming lessons, swim meets, swim parties, water aerobics or just plain splashing around on hot day, your family will probably spend some significant time in a pool this summer. As a research microbiologist specializing in water quality and public health safety, I’d like to correct four common swimming pool myths to help your family enjoy a “Healthy Pools” summer.