10 Tips for Keeping Kids Active this Summer

1. Set an example for the appropriate use of electronic devices. Turn off gadgets or TV while having a family meal, do not use devices during family activity time, etc. 2. Have a family meeting to decide together what the right mix of time is for your family on electronic devices versus swimming and other

Survey Shows Parents Are Worried Kids are Diving into Technology Instead of Pools

WASHINGTON DC — With summer right around the corner, a new survey finds an overwhelming majority of parents are concerned that electronic devices are interfering with traditional family activities, including swimming, and see potential negative health and social consequences as a result.

How can a Parent Help Maintain the Fun and Decrease the Risks Associated with Water Parks?

Interactive spray fountains, splash parks and splash pads are popular summertime venues where kids can cool off and have fun in “zero-depth” or very shallow water.  Many urban areas feature these venues; families discover they can beat the heat inexpensively without leaving the city.  They are also found in amusement parks and as part of

Busting a Chlorine Swimming Pool Urban Myth

Last week, musician, composer and radio talk show host John Tesh tweeted the finding from a recent Water Quality & Health Council survey that one in five swimmers admit to “peeing in the pool”. Tesh warns, “If you smell chlorine, stay out”. I appreciate the fact that Tesh raised this subject and respectfully submit that his tweet needs a tiny tweak.

Add Water for a Fun 4th of July

A patriotic parade in the community, outdoor gatherings with family and friends, time on a lake or a dip in the pool and awesome fireworks: Does that capture some of your plans for the 4th of July? To help keep the fun in your hot weather holiday, here are some quick tips for staying hydrated

A Brief History of Municipal Swimming Pools

Municipal swimming pools have evolved for more than 150 years from little more than public baths for the urban poor to the well-designed and scientifically operated facilities we know today. Author Jeff Wiltse documents the evolution of the public swimming pool in America in his 2007 book, Contested Waters: A Social History of Swimming Pools

Before Swimming, Be Sure to Shower

As the weather heats up and thoughts turn to swimming and cooling off in the pool, the Water Quality & Health Council is highlighting a contradictory finding from our recent swimmer hygiene survey. We discovered that although the vast majority of American adults (93 percent) would never reuse someone else’s bath water, over 40 percent

Super Bowl Commercial Highlights Pee in the Pool Taboo

Oh, the power of suggestion of running water…the overwhelming sense of urgency elicited. The little boy in this year’s TaxACT Super Bowl XLVI commercial is in the family swimming pool when he realizes he has to go! He tries to do the right thing: He leaves the pool and dashes through the house in search

“Doggy”- Paddle to Health

Aquatic rehab: Not just for the dogs. How cute is that? Little Jake over there is undergoing aquatic rehabilitation in an underwater treadmill after paralyzing his rear limbs in an unfortunate accident. One veterinarian’s initial prognosis was that Jake would not be able to walk again. But after physical therapy and the underwater treadmill, Jake

Swimming in the News

With high temperatures plaguing much of the country, the pool seems like the best bet to beat the heat. This blog highlights two interesting and entertaining resources recently found in the media that can help keep swimming healthy and enjoyable. 1. CDC’s Healthy Swimming 2011 Video Contest Winner’s Video! This summer, the Centers for Disease