Why Shower before Swimming in a Pool?

In a nutshell… This article discusses the importance of the pre-swim shower at pools. By choosing to shower before entering the pool, swimmers can help maintain better pool water quality and a healthier experience for themselves, pool staff, and their fellow swimmers.   A 2012 Water Quality & Health Council survey found improvements that could

How to Safely Manage Your Backyard Inflatable Pool

In a nutshell… Inflatable backyard swimming pools are proving very popular during the summer of coronavirus (COVID-19). This article provides basic tips for the novice backyard pool manager on maintaining inflatable pools.   Inflatable pools for the backyard are extremely popular in the summer of COVID-19. View a video on how to help prevent accidental

A Fitting Tribute to the Memory of Jerod M. Loeb: Swimming Lessons for Children of America’s Fallen

In a nutshell… To honor deceased Water Quality & Health Council (WQHC) member Jerod M. Loeb, PhD, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) recently made a monetary donation to the organization Angels of America’s Fallen. “Angels” provides free healthy activities, such as swimming lessons, to the children of America’s fallen first-responders and military. This article describes

Resorts, Water Parks Reopening – But Will People Go?

Survey: Many Americans Expect to Visit Resort Pools, Water Parks During Summer 2020 Many water parks, resorts, and outdoor amusement parks will be allowed to reopen ahead of the Independence Day weekend, but will Americans feel safe enough to take the plunge at one of these venues this summer? To find out, the Water Quality

Backyard Pool Swimming in the Summer of Coronavirus

In a nutshell… More families may be investing in backyard pools in the summer of COVID-19 (coronavirus) to avoid potential infection risks at public pools. This article discusses the importance of maintaining proper pool water chemistry and ensuring good swimmer hygiene in backyard swimming pools.   If recent pool sales are an accurate indicator, many

Is It Safe to Swim in a Pool during the Summer of Coronavirus?

In a nutshell… This article discusses two important issues of pool safety in the summer of COVID-19, pool water quality and navigating crowds. These factors are examined in the contexts of both public and backyard pool venues.   Are you planning to swim in a backyard or public pool this summer? Many public pools will

Survey: 30% of Pool Owners Admit They Pee in the Pool

But Urine Makes Backyard Swimming Pools Less Equipped to Kill Viruses, Bacteria, and Parasites Most public pools face extended closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading some swimmers to consider backyard pools for relief from the summer heat. But a new survey finds that backyard pools may hide their own share of unsanitary secrets. The

How to Shut Down or Reopen a Hot Tub or Spa during the Coronavirus Pandemic

In a nutshell… This article discusses the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for shutting down and reopening spas and hot tubs to avoid the growth of bacteria, such as Legionella. Guidelines are different depending on the construction of the spa or hot tub.   As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic evolves, aquatic

For Best Spa and Pool Maintenance: Know Your Source Water

In a nutshell… This article looks “up the pipe” at the water used to fill spas and pools, known as “source water.” Source water may be previously treated municipal water or private well water. Five categories of chemical constituents that may be present in source water are described along with associated issues they may present

Breathing Easier: Improving Air Quality at Indoor Swimming Pools

In a nutshell… Poor air quality in indoor swimming pool facilities can cause breathing problems for swimmers and others. The problem is not due to “too much chlorine” but mainly to chemical reactions between chlorine and substances brought into the water by swimmers. A team of researchers is developing a model of the factors that