Holiday Hazard: More Than One in Five Americans Admit Their Kitchen Would Fail a Food Safety Inspection

Water Quality & Health Council Offers Free Food Safety Tips With the holiday cooking season soon upon us, more Americans (37 percent) are worried about becoming sick of an annoying relative than they are of getting sick from the food on the table (31 percent).  But findings from the same new survey indicate their relatives

Disinfecting Tips to Help Keep Pets Healthy

According to a 2008 analysis, about 63 percent of all U.S. households–71.1 million–are proud pet owners, and more than half of these households have more than one animal. That means American animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and breeding, boarding and grooming facilities are busy places! The daily influx of animals in and out of animal shelters,

Holiday Food Safety Tips

Clean – wash all food contact surfaces with hot, soapy water followed by disinfecting with 1/2 tablespoon chlorine bleach in 1/2 gallon of water Separate – keep fresh fruits and vegetables separate from raw meat, poultry and seafood Cook – to kill any bacteria that might be present, thoroughly cook meat, poultry and eggs to

Red Cross Provides Aid to Victims of Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Haiti’s first cholera outbreak in a century has killed at least 253 people and infected more than 3,000 with the acute diarrheal disease, overwhelming some clinics and causing the country’s worst public health crisis since January’s earthquake. The Haitian Ministry of Health said tests had confirmed the disease outbreak is cholera, while United Nations officials say the Artibonite

A Sanitary History of Household Bleach

A Sanitary History of Household Bleach from the Washington Post An historical timeline reaching back to 5000 BC traces bleaching technologies from sun-drying in Egypt in 5000 BC to the modern widespread use of chlorine bleach.

“Deal Kitchen Germs a 1-2 Punch” Magnet

Deal Kitchen Germs a 1-2 Punch Magnet Food safety starts at home – This fun, 3″x5″ refrigerator magnet displays simple directions for disinfecting food contact surfaces.

Unsanitary Restaurant Kitchens Could Lead to Food Poisoning

Research by England’s Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revealed that over half the cleaning cloths sampled in restaurant kitchens were found to contain unsatisfactory levels of bacteria, which are a sign of poor hygiene and potential cross contamination. The study was carried out by the HPA’s Food, Water and Environmental Microbiology laboratories and was done

Downloadable Restaurant Safety Posters

8.5×11 Color Prep Area Safety Poster English 11×17 Color Prep Area Safety Poster English 8.5×11 Color Sink Bay Safety Poster English 11×17 Color Sink Bay Safety Poster English 8.5×11 Color Prep Area Safety Poster Spanish 11×17 Color Prep Area Safety Poster Spanish 8.5×11 Color Sink Bay Safety Poster Spanish 11×17 Color Sink Bay Safety Poster

Salmonella contamination on farms in Midwest

A national ongoing outbreak of salmonella-contaminated eggs has sickened over 1,400 people since May, according to experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The outbreak has been tracked to in-shell eggs from Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms in Iowa, which have launched a nationwide recall of over 550 million eggs suspected of being