Bob (Robert) G. Vincent

Bob_VincentBob Vincent has been an Environmental Administrator in the Florida Department of Health since 2003. He manages Department of Health programs for Healthy Marine Beaches, Safe Drinking Water, Water Well Surveillance and Public Pools and Bathing Places.

Mr. Vincent has 30 years of experience with the Florida Department of Health at local health departments, regional offices and headquarters in administration and environmental health field work in areas including:  public swimming pools and bathing places, drinking water, food sanitation, onsite sewage, group care, zoonotic vectors, contaminated water well surveillance, epidemiology, and emergency planning and response.

Mr. Vincent is an active member of the National Environmental Health Association, and holds many positions on advisory boards and technical committees, including the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Drinking Water Advisory Council, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Steering Committee for the Model Aquatic Health Code, the Association of State and Territorial Health Official’s Safe Water Work Group, NSF-ANSI Joint Committee for Recreational Water Facilities, and the Governor’s Gulf of Mexico Alliance Water Quality/Pathogens Work Group.

Mr. Vincent earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Public Administration degree from Florida State University.