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What to do about Bird (and Other) Droppings in the Swimming Pool

There’s nothing like a swim in an outdoor pool in beautiful summer weather. As the open air is the domain of nature’s flying creatures, however, the occasional splat of bird droppings in the pool is to be expected. What, if anything, needs to be done about bird droppings in the pool? According to the US

Many Americans Engage in Unsanitary Cooking Practices, Survey Finds

As millions of Americans dust off their cookbooks and browse recipe websites to prepare festive holiday meals, a new survey reveals that 1 in 3 Americans is concerned about getting food poisoning due to someone else’s poor kitchen hygiene. The survey found that concern is warranted, as many home cooks engage in bad hygiene and

How to Drain a Residential Swimming Pool

Summer’s nearly over and many backyard swimming pool owners will soon undertake their annual “pool draining ritual.” Draining the water helps prevent damage to pools in geographic areas subject to freeze-thaw cycles. This article provides information to help you drain your pool responsibly. What’s the Big Deal? It’s easy enough to fill your pool with